Something I did not explain since the recent opening. Why Sifnos ? Preferences are so personal that you meet people having some passion for Serifos or Paros, as these islands are closed to their criteria. The first time we approached Sifnos was in may 1999 as we were travelling by ferryboat from Milos to Paros. During the stop in Sifnos, you may imagine the view we had as the evening was arriving with an unforgettable sunlight. The time seemed to stop as the ferry were at the port. Kamares was so quiet, the sand beach and its line of tamarisks were so attractive !


So we decided to come the year after (2000) through a special route driving us through Kythnos and Serifos before. Despite real beauties on those islands and the others we did before and after (Paros, Tinos, Santorini, Folegrandros etc.), Sifnos became in 2000 our favourite and unavoidable destination.

Thanks to real attaching people also. We will go deeper in the relation we have with some families. They are for a lot in the passion for Sifnos island and we cannot avoid the Island and miss the extraordinary pleasure to meet them every year for a couple of weeks.

See you next story !