I have never done this walk despite the daily temptation when you drive all along this tight valley. I chose the more convenient e.g Apollonia to Kamares (walk down). The trek starts close to the bridge you pass when you come from kamares, just after the crossing road to Vathy. Then use this way that can drive you to Ano Petali. You need to help yourself with the detailed map that shows the pathway to use on your left. Here you go!

Thanks to the numerous rainy days the island had received in early spring, and according to Sifnos inahabitants memory, I have never seen a so greeny island. These photos could remind you a trek in Ireland or any other region in France like Normandy at same period. Tons of Flowers, grassland, green terraces and fabulous sidewalk. I have posted 40 photos to describe the whole itinerary. Inside you will find snapshots of the stop at Aghia Platanou, and the arrival a little bit harder in the bay of Kamares (problem to find the right access to the bay).