Agios Ioannis tou Siderou is a church located near the road to Faros. In the maze of paths that leave kastro, I have preferred the simplest solution, from the asphalted road. Either just after the electric power station, or a few hundred meters later, just before Agios Vasileios. However, it was again unable to reach kalamaki. On a really positive note, I did a nice encounter with "Francesco" who offered me to taste the feta he produced.



In colclusion, the ride to Agios Ioannis tou Siderou is quite nice. The garden behind the church turns into a bamboo forest and laurels. There are also a lot of waterspring as we can see on the ground. And certainly the terraces behind the church can offer an option to reach the sea as shown on the map as Prosfiri location. See the photos to give you an idea!