18 mars 2017


There is a small pebbles beach surrounded by rocks which is not easy to reach. I went there maybe five times during these last 15 years but each time I had difficulties to dind the right way, to turn left or right at the right time, I walked back so many times because I was not able to continue...sometimes a gate closed unabled to open or to reach over it, sometimes a big fence... Last year, I tried another way, not from Seralia but from a pathway through Ayios Nikitas, then Ioannis tou Siderou, taking the direction of Prosfiri but... [Lire la suite]
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15 mars 2017

Vlichada (North East)

Vlichada is not an easy place to reach. As there are 2 locations on the island (the first one called "Vlichadas Bay” is in the south west, just between Vathy and Vlasi (under Tosso nero). The second one where we walked to, is located in the North West, after the church of Ayios Sostis (same pathway) but there is an optional path to take a few hundred meters before the church) and the small pebbles beach of Axlada (done a few years ago). There was a crucial choice to decide: do we have to go down Axlada, then climb up the mountain... [Lire la suite]
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