12 mars 2011

Sifnos in winter... Ski resort ?

Do not think that greek island are deidicated to skiing in winter. These photos are outstanding and very rare. They have been taken in February 2009 by our friend Afroditi from Hotel Afroditi in Kamares and might have invited some inhabitants from Sifnos to test the green way between Appolonia and kamares. Personnaly, I would have try. Apart from that, we have booked our tickets for Greece this summer. Still 4 months to wait.
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03 octobre 2010

Uneasy walk to Kalamaki

Going to Kalamaki is not an uneasy thing. Although you can choose two ways to reach the place, one from the Faros road (leave the car or ask the bus driver to drop you at the electrical production unit. I took this option a couple of years ago and went lost after 30 minutes walk driving me to ask my way to a kind person living in the area. This summer, i have taken what i thought the easiest way from Seralia port. The start is at the opposite of the port entrance (when you go down the stairs to enter the village). Respect carefully... [Lire la suite]
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26 septembre 2010

Outstanding walk (and swim) in Chochlaki

I had never heard anything about this place before taking the path way from Vathy (the one following the west cost of the island to Agios Konstantinos). A farm to leave on your right, a second one later, 3 or 4 gates to open (and close behind you) and then you can catch a glimpse of the tiny bay of Chochlaki. Walking down (200 meters of unevenness) is more a question of improvising than respecting carefully a marked and clear way). The ascent is quite the same (memorize some place when you went down). The arrival is fantastic : a... [Lire la suite]
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25 septembre 2010

News from Greece 2010

To all readers, as we were in Sifnos this summer, we will have the pleasure to restart the blog with new pictures of Sifnos, which is quite different than the past years as it was formerly during spring time. More tourists, sunny days, dry landscape but definitively more pleasant.
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07 mars 2010

A walk from Apollonia to Kamares

I have never done this walk despite the daily temptation when you drive all along this tight valley. I chose the more convenient e.g Apollonia to Kamares (walk down). The trek starts close to the bridge you pass when you come from kamares, just after the crossing road to Vathy. Then use this way that can drive you to Ano Petali. You need to help yourself with the detailed map that shows the pathway to use on your left. Here you go!Thanks to the numerous rainy days the island had received in early spring, and according to Sifnos... [Lire la suite]
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28 février 2010

A walk to Agios Andreas

I have posted some pics of the 20 minutes trip (only 20 minutes because I had driven just close to the access pathway!!) to Aghios Andreas. After leaving katavati, take the road to Vathy. A few kilometersa after, you catch the wooden flag on the right side of the road. Despite the easy way to go there, you will take benefit of an incredible 360° view including Apollonia, Kastro and the southern coast.
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09 janvier 2010


Happy new year to all of you dear readers. Here are some new pics from one very nice place in Sifnos called Vathy. Driving to Vathy is certainly one of the longest itinary. However, if you rent a car, you can stop 2 km before the village and take a path to go to Fikiadia beach (a flag show the path on the left side of the road 2 km before Vathy). The same pathway can propose a walk to Profitis Ilias (one more). After parking your car, or at the bus stop, there is a short walk right to the beach which is one of the largest... [Lire la suite]
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16 octobre 2009

Essential documentation to prepare your travel to Sifnos

All of us have an exhaustive view of tourist books in our own country. For example, we can find every year "updated" guides on our favourite island. By updated, I mean the date of publication as the contents is 90 % equal to former editions !!! I have stopped buying these guides as they bring nothing new. However, I can recommand a famous local bookshop both in Kamares and Appolonia. They are providing us with high quality books on Sifnos. From photosbook to sifnos cooking receipts in various languages, they distribute... [Lire la suite]
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10 octobre 2009

Church of Chrisopighi

Chrisopighi is one of the most famous site you may visit. It is located at the south-east of the island on the road to Platy Ghialos. The church is built on a peninsula. Chrisopighi celebration takes place 40 days after the greek easter, so if you are lucky, you can participate to this unforgettable moment with people from Sifnos. At this time, the church is completely decorated with colored flags. Photos included in the related gallery have been taken during the last four years but one day, I will transfer all my argentic photos... [Lire la suite]
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03 octobre 2009

Seralia Port

Seralia is one of the most savage place in Sifnos as it played in the past the function of port for Sifnos. It takes place at the basis of the Kastro hill and a five minutes walk down drive you to this tiny fishermen village. You can not avoid going there as it is not so a too crowdy location. But take a couple of hours to walk around the houses, climb the huge rocks on the left side of the port, than enter the sea (take care of the slippery pebbles and sea urchins) which offers one of the nicest spot for the diver. In summer,... [Lire la suite]
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