10 octobre 2009

Church of Chrisopighi

Chrisopighi is one of the most famous site you may visit. It is located at the south-east of the island on the road to Platy Ghialos. The church is built on a peninsula. Chrisopighi celebration takes place 40 days after the greek easter, so if you are lucky, you can participate to this unforgettable moment with people from Sifnos. At this time, the church is completely decorated with colored flags. Photos included in the related gallery have been taken during the last four years but one day, I will transfer all my argentic photos... [Lire la suite]
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03 octobre 2009

Seralia Port

Seralia is one of the most savage place in Sifnos as it played in the past the function of port for Sifnos. It takes place at the basis of the Kastro hill and a five minutes walk down drive you to this tiny fishermen village. You can not avoid going there as it is not so a too crowdy location. But take a couple of hours to walk around the houses, climb the huge rocks on the left side of the port, than enter the sea (take care of the slippery pebbles and sea urchins) which offers one of the nicest spot for the diver. In summer,... [Lire la suite]
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30 septembre 2009

Living in Kamares

We have chosen to stay in the port of Kamares to take benefit of the special attraction provided by the situation. For any new tourist, Kamares proposes various type of accomodation. Moreover, many restaurants in the port or in Aghia Marina (facing the port) compete in quality to offer traditional and local greeks specialities. Despite we are faithful to Hotel Afroditi and O Argiris for our evening restaurant, we have also tested others tavernas at lunch. See upated photos in new kamares gallery.
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25 septembre 2009

Why Sifnos ?

Something I did not explain since the recent opening. Why Sifnos ? Preferences are so personal that you meet people having some passion for Serifos or Paros, as these islands are closed to their criteria. The first time we approached Sifnos was in may 1999 as we were travelling by ferryboat from Milos to Paros. During the stop in Sifnos, you may imagine the view we had as the evening was arriving with an unforgettable sunlight. The time seemed to stop as the ferry were at the port. Kamares was so quiet, the sand beach and its line of... [Lire la suite]
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24 septembre 2009

Unknown and quiet places to swim

Some outstanding places like beaches that force you to walk a couple of hours and use the Sifnos map (scale 1:25.000). Sometimes, especially I remember for Kalamaki, topography knowledges can be useful to complete the map support. But wherever you go, the recompense is the same at the end ! This first gallery I will frequently update is dedicated to the "outstanding beaches", tourists are not used to going. As an example, Dhialiskari is the continuation of the pathway to go to Panaghia Ti Poulati (Monastery, see photos... [Lire la suite]
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23 septembre 2009


Dear All, Through my first post, I would like to propose you the grand opening of the Sifnos Island blog. If you like to travel or read about travel, you'll fit right in with my blog on Sifnos. I wanted to share with you a common passion for exploring this island (still protected from mass tourism) as well as the others we did in the past and discuss about famous places such as restaurants and hotels. Most importantly, we can all experience and exchange our travel adventures through these stories & photos. Most of the... [Lire la suite]
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