23 février 2014

8pm - Port of Kamares - Speed Runner Time

There is a special time we do not want to miss every day. When the speed runner arrives around 8pm, the port wakes up little by litthe half an hour before. People who are leaving, try to park their car in the most proper manner, on the long way close to the sea side. Family with kids and rucksacks are doing island hopping and jump to another location or leaving definitively to Piraeus. Special ambiance, unforgettable light, happy and noisy mess but always different. Photos have been taken without flash to restitute the same view,... [Lire la suite]
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18 mars 2012

Sunsets and evening lights

Sunsets at Kamares harbour remains magical despite there is other places to admire them such as Troulaki or Cheronissos. These snapshos witness about the quiet ambiance we feel after a sunny day and before starting one more greek night. 
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07 mars 2010

A walk from Apollonia to Kamares

I have never done this walk despite the daily temptation when you drive all along this tight valley. I chose the more convenient e.g Apollonia to Kamares (walk down). The trek starts close to the bridge you pass when you come from kamares, just after the crossing road to Vathy. Then use this way that can drive you to Ano Petali. You need to help yourself with the detailed map that shows the pathway to use on your left. Here you go!Thanks to the numerous rainy days the island had received in early spring, and according to Sifnos... [Lire la suite]
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30 septembre 2009

Living in Kamares

We have chosen to stay in the port of Kamares to take benefit of the special attraction provided by the situation. For any new tourist, Kamares proposes various type of accomodation. Moreover, many restaurants in the port or in Aghia Marina (facing the port) compete in quality to offer traditional and local greeks specialities. Despite we are faithful to Hotel Afroditi and O Argiris for our evening restaurant, we have also tested others tavernas at lunch. See upated photos in new kamares gallery.
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25 septembre 2009

Why Sifnos ?

Something I did not explain since the recent opening. Why Sifnos ? Preferences are so personal that you meet people having some passion for Serifos or Paros, as these islands are closed to their criteria. The first time we approached Sifnos was in may 1999 as we were travelling by ferryboat from Milos to Paros. During the stop in Sifnos, you may imagine the view we had as the evening was arriving with an unforgettable sunlight. The time seemed to stop as the ferry were at the port. Kamares was so quiet, the sand beach and its line of... [Lire la suite]
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