22 mars 2015

Mousia Farm

  Mousia meaning goats in Greek, you will easily understand the name of this farm located between the beaches of Fikiada and Xlakopo. Legend says that the owners of the house went up in disaster leaving furniture and ornaments in the state. However, this is a pretty and forsaked farmhouse to restore with a hacienda surrounded by high walls. The only inhabitants today are the goats we tried to surprise sleeping on the beds. We found inside the woodena nd blue wardrobes in the walls. A ladder placed inside the patio allows you... [Lire la suite]
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21 février 2015

Agriabela !

On the road starting from Artemonas in the direction of the north, there is, a few kilometers after, a small road down to the church of Skaloto. From here there is a departure path which is nevertheless not so obvious to find, but that leads you towards the cap Agriabela, leaving on your right an old tower (see photo). Then suddenly an ancient source is offering you a fresh break in a curve. The path alternates with stone walls, bamboo and olive trees and definitively stops to an old abandoned farm. From there, begins the descent... [Lire la suite]
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17 janvier 2015


Exceptionally, I wanted to post some pictures of Piraeus early in the morning when we leave our hotel Piraeus to reach the Speed Runner area, driving us in 3 hours to Sifnos. Despite the tiredness quickly faded by the good mood and the vacation begins, it's always a unique experience to see all these aligned ships, ready to jump in a couple of hours to the islands. Beautiful morning light, atmosphere of the port, the rising sun and the first bretzel bought on the port. Starting at 7.00, stop at Serifos and arrival in... [Lire la suite]
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10 janvier 2015

Norther Sifnos - Silaka

Before arriving in Cheronnissos, exactly 1,2 km before, there is on our right a (current or past) Ceramic artshop (accurately at the crossing ways with the other side of the asphalted road which can gring you to Kabanario tower). If you stop you car at this cross section, there is a quite invisible patway longing the fence of the artshop. You must find this path because it will take you close to the edge of the mountain. This superb view over the sea and Paros in the background, there is a gradual descent with few landmarks,... [Lire la suite]
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05 janvier 2015

Ayios Sostis !

This trek remains one of my favourite as it starts from a small village (Xevris) on the road to Cheronissos. This path was also used in the past to go to Achlada and will certainly be used to go to Vlichadha this summer 2015. The car shall be stopped near to a big water tank (drinkable) than a flag shows you the road to Ayios Sostis. Very nice and easy path with flat stones, stairs sometimes in the last part of the trek and a curious nd unforgettable lunar landscape. Sometimes you need to walk between two high stoned walls with a... [Lire la suite]
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23 février 2014

8pm - Port of Kamares - Speed Runner Time

There is a special time we do not want to miss every day. When the speed runner arrives around 8pm, the port wakes up little by litthe half an hour before. People who are leaving, try to park their car in the most proper manner, on the long way close to the sea side. Family with kids and rucksacks are doing island hopping and jump to another location or leaving definitively to Piraeus. Special ambiance, unforgettable light, happy and noisy mess but always different. Photos have been taken without flash to restitute the same view,... [Lire la suite]
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16 février 2014

Church of Agios Filippos

Agios Filippos is located at the north west of the Island, certainly the most eccentric place at the far west side of the coast. The most convenient is to stop at Kambanario ancient tower (that you can see on your right when you start walking from the asphalt road) and the path which directly drop you on the right direction, then on the other side of the hill. This is the same way I have taken to go to Tsoudhales a couple of years ago. Some very nice black and white cows will meet you. After a while, you can leave on your left the bay... [Lire la suite]
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03 février 2014

Sarli, quiet place !

Sarli is a small beach on the way from Platy Gialos to Fikiadha. It is also a quiet place to go when Platy Gialos is too crowdy and the wind is not so strong from the south. Then, thanks to the map, you need to leave the pathway and start a short descent through a rather dense vegetation. The view from the top of the Kandili hill is tremendous as you can catch the full perspective up to Chlakopo. It is not a big deal to reach the beach from the pathway but you will need to improvise again! 
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22 janvier 2014

Artimoni, needs to be discovered

Artimoni is a very small beach between Vroulidhia (for lazy tourists who have now access by car) and Ghialoudhia that you can reach only by boat. The easiest access starts from Tholos (or the same road that goes to Vroulidhia). It is a 60 minutes treck which offers you a couple of farms and the beach that appear to you at the latest stage due to the steep descent. The peculiarity of Artimoni lies in the fact that the farms and the beach are not on the same level. A blue painted gate gives you access to the beach which is... [Lire la suite]
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19 janvier 2014

Achlada corridor to the sea

When everything has been visited on the island, or when you believe such idea, you need to investigate other places with less interest for the visitor but that represent anyway a reason of walking and being alone in the mountain and look for new motivation. Achlada (like Sarli, Chlapoko, Kipia and some others) represents a good opportunity to spend a couple of hours, or more. Do not expect a large and sandy beach but more a corridor of rocks and peebles between two mountains. The easiest way is to take the pathway... [Lire la suite]
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